an exciting announcement!
As of September 1, 2017, Cabrillo Music Theatre will officially embrace a new and exciting future, and to highlight that, we are thrilled to announce our new name and show off our new logo:
As many of our supporters and fans are aware, an exciting change we welcomed last year was bringing in our new managing director, Will North. Will was brought in to bring a fresh, new energy and perspective to the high-quality performances we offer to the community and region. He has far exceeded our expectations and hopes, and has not only taken what we have always done — Broadway-quality musicals — and made them better, but is also pushing us in new and inspiring directions.
Under Will’s guidance, and with enthusiastic support from the community, 5-Star Theatricals will continue to honor the heritage and history that have been essential in developing our presence as a professional, regional theatre company. In addition to providing the quality live musical theatre we’ve produced for more than three decades, 5-Star Theatricals will also branch out into other types of performances — including plays and immersive theater — and explore new venues.
We continue to be grateful and thankful for the support we receive from our donors, sponsors and patrons and want you to know that these changes reflect the feedback we’ve received after listening to you. Our dedication to community outreach through our various programs for seniors and children will remain an essential part of our focus and efforts as well.
what does this change mean for you?
Even more from our family to yours!
If you are a season ticket member, fear not! Our name and logo may be changing, but this does not change your season ticket membership!

Everything you loved about Cabrillo will be reflected in these changes, and it is with our very best intentions and hope, that the changes we are making will continue to allow our theatre company to bring professional theater to you for many more years to come!
Stay tuned for our new website, reflecting our new direction, which will be launched in September!
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